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Carpet Cleaning :

Finally... carpet & upholstery cleaning you can depend on.

We have professionally steam cleaned carpets and upholstery for over a quarter of a century, including car and van carpet and upholstery. Using the Steam-Way deep clean extraction method makes your carpets and upholstery the "cleanest clean you've ever seen".

Key Benefits

  • Helps keep your carpet look newer longer.
  • Cleaning your carpet will help with allergies by removing dust, dirt, and pollen.

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Questions and Answers:

How does it work?

     Frye's uses a hot water extraction (steam) method of cleaning. Hot water and detergent is injected under pressure into the carpet pile to dislodge and suspend soil. The suspended soil and excess moisture is immediately wet vacuumed and transferred into a storage tank.

Will cleaning leave my carpet wet for days?

    No. The moisture introduced into the carpet is simultaneously being vacuumed out again to reduce drying time. Except in cases of extreme humidity, carpet will dry in 1 to 12 hours.

Will cleaning cause my carpets to get dirtier quicker?

    No. Rapid re-soiling is caused by high levels of cleaning residue left in the carpet pile. By using low residue chemicals and extraction equipment with a 94% recovery rate, rapid re-soiling is virtually eliminated.

Will cleaning cause my carpets to wear out quicker?

    No. In fact, regular carpet cleaning will lengthen the life of your carpet. Soil that conventional vacuuming cannot remove has a sandpaper like effect on carpet fibers -- this is what wears out most carpets.

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